a little about me

I'm a soul photographer, specializing in capturing the soul of everything in our world into photographs, which can be the soul of a relationship between people, the character that lives inside you, an object like a trash can on the street, or the mood of a space. While I love beautiful lighting, forms, compositions, textures... etc, my favorite subject has always been the soul that everything carries, which is what makes this world so human and meaningful.

I'm also a big fan of traditional film photography, as each of the different films has its own character that helps me to carry out the feeling of the photo I wanted to create. The role of film in my photography is very much like actors and actresses in a movie, choosing which film to use for each project is as same important as doing the proper casting for a movie, in order to create the final art piece that the photographer/director has in mind. Film is beautiful.

- Kieron